In a very similar fashion to adding Carriers, there are two methods you can use to upload MGAs: 

1) Manually, and 2) The Import Tool.


1. From the main navigation menu, click on "Contacts," and then click on "MGAs"

2. Click on "Add New" located next to the MGA List

3.  Enter in applicable information, such as:

  • General and Address: Most fields, such as these, are self explanatory. The ID field refers to the agency ID that the MGA uses to pay the agency.

  • Reps: Enter the name and contact information of the rep you work with at the MGA. If you need to input more than one rep, click on the green [+] button located next to "Note."

  • Contacts: MGA contact information

  • Business/Payment Information:

            - Remit By: Payment remittance agreement with the MGA. Examples: 1st of the month, or, 20 days after you receive payment from client.

            - Remaining Payments: 9 is common for commercial policies

            - Premium Sent: Net (of Commission), Gross, or Monthly

  • Lines of Businesses: Enter lines of business of the MGA. If you need more than one line, click on the green [+] button.

  • Custom Fields: You can create your own field if you need a data field that was not covered elsewhere.

4. When all information is entered, click on "Save changes"

The Import Tool

If you have a list of MGAs that you would like to import all at once, follow these steps:

1. Prepare your file. Your file must be in the CSV format (Comma Separated Value format) and the data must have a header in the first row. If your file is in the Excel format, open the file in Excel and "Save (it) As" a CSV file.

2. From the main navigation menu (on the left), expand the "MISCELLANEOUS" tab down, expand the "Data Imports and Export" tab down, and click on "Data Import"

3. Next to the "Type" field, select "MGAs" from the drop-down menu. Click on "Select" and locate your MGAs CSV formatted file. Then, click on "Upload."

The next screen will help you map your data. For each field in NowCerts, the system will do its best to find the column in your data that matches it. If the system does not pick it up or you think there was an error, choose the correct column that matches your field using the drop down menu. 

4. Once you are done mapping the fields, click on "Generate Import Preview"

5. If/when you are satisfied with the preview, click on "Import Objects"

6. Once the import is complete, you may want to go to the "MGAs" page (under the main navigation menu: "Contacts" --> "MGAs"; see step 1 of "Manually" importing MGAs above) and make some additions or changes. You can do so by clicking on the blue "Search" button, then clicking on the Actions > Details next to the carrier name to view the information that was imported, or clicking Actions > Edit to immediately begin adding information to the MGA.

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