In this step, we will help you create electronic signatures that NowCerts will use to sign your certificates, forms, and other documents before they get emailed or faxed. Follow these steps:

1. From your agency menu, click on "Profile"  (Agency Profile)

2. Select the "Signatures" tab, then click on the "Add new" box located next to the "Signatures List"

3. Create your signature. You have two options here:

            1) Generate Your Own signature: Enter in your name, choose a "Style," and then select "Generate Signature." If you are not satisfied with the style you originally selected, choose another one and then click on "Generate Signature" again. Once you are satisfied with your selection, click on "Add."

            2) Upload File: You can use this option if you have an image file that contains your signature. Click on "Select" and choose the file with your signature. Click on "Open" and then click on "Add."

4. Repeat steps 2-3 for as many signatures as you need. You may want to create a signature for every agent you have.


If you prefer a video:


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