Managing emails is one of the most important and sought after features of NowCerts. Here are some of the reasons why we highly recommend you to sync your email(s):

1. Send notifications, certifications, marketing materials, and more via email. If you do not link an email account to your agency, all of your emails will be sent via our email system (using and you will not receive replies to these emails. Also, your emails may not look as professional when coming from your agency domain. If you see value in this point and not the subsequent ones, you can always create and synchronize a new email to use for this purpose only.

2. View all emails sent to clients (from various email accounts) in one location. If all of your agents sync their emails into Nowcerts, then the system will look for emails that have insureds' and/or prospects' email addresses and pull them up in one place. The days you wonder about your team's work and progress or the contents of an email sent are now gone.

3. You have a classic email software with enhanced features. You can send and receive emails as normal, but, in addition, NowCerts will "tag" emails based on the senders' email address and look for and Insured Name or Policy #. So, even before opening an email, you will know what insured the email pertains to.

We understand that your book of business is your treasure. So, all of your data (not just your emails) is stored in a state-of-the-art secure cloud system protected behind a powerful firewall.

If you have further questions, please refer to our article on the benefits of integrating your email:

Here is a video of how you can sync your email(s). Repeat the process shown below as many times as you need to add all of the emails you desire: