By default, Nowcerts will use our system templates for various emails that go out of the system (including notifications, certificates, forms, etc). You have the ability to replace the Nowcerts default templates with your agency-branded ones. Follow these steps:

1. From your Agency Menu, click on "Profile"

2. Click on the green "Configure" button located just below your Agency Menu

3. Scroll down to the "E-Mail Template" field (it should appear to be minimized) and expand it down (this should also expand the "New User Account E-mail Template" field down)


Whatever you type here, will replace the Nowcerts default templates.


In the left text box, you should insert a basic email signature. Type "{content}" before it, like shown above. "{content}" will be replaced by whatever you type in your emails or various "Send" (files/forms) controls, where you can use email templates for the actual content.


In the right text box, type out the message that you want your insureds to see in their "Welcome" email when you set them up to access Nowcerts. This section should include "{button}" where you will want the "Click here to complete registration" button to appear.

Here is another example of a custom template:

We hope you found this information helpful.