As you know, NowCerts sends a lot of emails on your behalf (certificates, documents, forms, etc.) through your email accounts via SMTP. These kinds of emails can often be interpreted as spam or hacks/viruses by recipient email servers. As a result, you may see an increased number of undelivered emails, known as "bounce-backs." Recently, there has been a push to find a solution that separates genuine emails from spam.

Luckily, there is a simple solution to avoiding bounce-backs. Follow these instructions:

You need to contact your email administrator and ask them to add the following TXT/SPF records to your DNS Zone file. This is what your SPF record needs to look like:

Put this in the TXT field:    “v=spf1 mx   -all”

Or, if they need the IP addresses, ask your email admin to add:

        IP Address:,,,    and   

        Mail domain:

Now, this is not something that must be done, but we highly recommend it, especially if you are getting bounce-backs. These settings will help ensure that all of your emails delivered by the NowCerts system get delivered successfully.

Here are a couple of other helpful tools for you to use:

        SPF Builder wizard:

        MX record look up: