Agency Bill w/ outside financing:


1. In Billing Type: select Agency bill with outside financing, this will open the proper payable and receivables.  

  • add all fee/taxes (top line of the endorsement)
  • after all fees and taxes are added generate transaction (again at the top line of the endorsement)
  • Note:  if an itemized invoice is needed, unselect "combine all payable and receivables"


2.  tracking commissions - be sure to select the way you will receive your commission

  • Net - retain commission out of money received from insured
  • Gross - entire commission received from the carrier/MGA




3.  Receivable/Payables - they system will generate the industry standard of 25% down and 75% financed, however, these fields can be changed to match your finance agreement

  • Note - check the number ins the check-sum sanity line, if there's a number there, you're collecting too much or not enough, and should prompt you to go back to check your numbers.
  • lastly, save your endorsement





After your receivables have been created, it is easy to create an invoice.  If you have just the one policy, while in your policy details, go to documents, invoices/receipts, select receivables.  Selecting either the premium or financed amount is optional and only informational for your insured.;  if there are multiple policies, create your invoice from your insureds details, documents, invoices/receipts, it will give you the option to select all the policies you wish to invoice with their respective receivables.


I hope this helps, if you have questions or if I can help with anything else please don't hesitate to contact us.