Currently we have integrations with 3 merchant services vendors that allow you to take payments integrated into your Nowcerts account.

The three are


- Integrity Pays

- ePayPolicy and

- Intuit/Quickbooks


*The Integrity Pays option is included when sending/emailing an invoice to your client.


They are all viable options that have some differences in approach.

Here is a little info to help you decide the best option for your agency.


- Integrity Pays: Traditional merchannt services vendor. You can email an invoice with a "Click here to pay" option.  Offers competitive rates - they have several plan options. May be somewhat of a hassle to get approved for ACH. No option to pre-calculate and automatically include CC or ACH fees.

ePayPolicy - you or your client can pay the invoice online. The only option that allows your client to log into their Nowcerts portal and View and pay invoices (even save their payment method for next time). Both ACH and CC. Option to automatically include the convenience fee. May not be the lowest rates.

go to our Support page and search ePayPolicy for more info (here a a link )


Intuit Payments (Quickbooks): Nowcerts creates a copy of the invoice in Quickbooks and the rest is handled by them. Good rates and familiar name. They offer various options.


I hope this helps.