Here is a little background information to help explain the process and the options you see:

When you click on "View and Merge Changes" next to a session, you will be taken to a page that looks like this:

If you place your cursor over the various buttons and drop-down menus (without clicking), you will be provided a short description of what the button/drop-down menu does:

So, here is the system's logic: When a new record comes from the Carrier Downloads, the system tries to match it to an existing insured/policy. When this happens, 1 of 3 results/scenarios will occur:

1. When the system cannot find an Insured by that exact name. The system provides you an "ADD" button, indicating that an exact match was not found and you can create a new Insured profile. However, you do have the option to "Match to an existing insured". This is useful for when one carrier sends the Insured as "Smith, John" and the other carrier sends it as "Smith, John A.". If they are the same Insured, then just select them and, instead of adding an insured, we will attach the Policy to the profile you selected (and create an alias so you don't have to do this again).

2. When the system finds an exact match for the Insured, but cannot find a match for the Policy. The system is not 100% sure that this Policy belongs to the same Insured. It may be that this "John Smith" is a different "John Smith" than the one in the system. Chances are that they are the same, so the system displays an "Update Insured" button, but also gives you the option to create a new Insured record. This scenario is quite common with Insureds in the Indian (Singh) and Jewish communities-- many Insureds have the same name, but are different people/entities.

3. Lastly, when the Insured AND the Policy are matched. Then, it is 100% certain that you have an exact match. In this case, you see a "Change" button. We will apply the Carrier Download changes to that Insured/Policy record.

(Update: June 2018)

We added the option to "Assign"/change the primary agent on the policy: