Carriers send via carrier downloads contain the unique NAIC code for each carrier's subsidiaries. The downloads filter the carrier entries in your agency's data for the unique NAIC codes.  If the code isn't found then a carrier will be created using the NAIC code as both the name and NAIC fields.  The carrier name is only listed when someone in each agency identifies the carrier subsidiary, edits, and makes an entry in the name field.

To change the NAIC codes in the carrier list, obtain the subsidiary name > edit the carrier > enter the name field > save.

Then to add carrier subsidiaries go to the "parent" carrier details > general > child carriers > search > select and save.  

Please note: these NAIC carrier entries are the unique subsidiaries of a carrier, NOT the same carrier, and should NOT be merged to avoid duplicate entries.

Follow these steps:

1. From the main navigation menu, click on Contacts and select Carriers

2. For any carrier entry that only contains an NAIC please edit to change. The name associated with the unique NAIC can be found from a browser search or from NAIC.ORG.  In the carrier edit screen, enter the subsidiary in the name field > save. 

3.  If you haven't, add a carrier with no NAIC like Progressive, Travelers, Markel, SafeCo, etc.  

4. Go to the details of the nondescript carrier > General (top navigational menu) > Child Carriers > search for each subsidiary of the main carrier group > select > save.