There are 2 places in Nowcerts where agents can see upcoming renewals (upcoming expiring policies):

            1. The "Dashboard" list, "Renewals"

            2. The set of "Renewal" reports in the "Reports" module

There is an important difference in what policies are shown in these two places:

  • The Dashboard "Renewal" list: ONLY shows policies that have not been marked as "renewed" (i.e. policies that do not have the next term or replacement policy already set up in the system). This list intends to show only the expiring policies that need attention.

  • The "Renewal Policies" reports: include ALL policies that have an expiration date within the selected period. This is so an agency can see all such policies, renewed and non-renewed.


The report "Renewal Adjustments," which compares old premium to renewal premium (for downloaded policies), will let you see if you need to follow up. There is also the "Renewal Quotes" report for carriers that sends renewal quotes prior to sending the renewal term. It serves a similar purpose to "Renewal Adjustments," but compares the renewal quote to the expiring policy.