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Custom Policy Mapping for InfusionSoft is now available. One can choose which slots in INFST store which type of policy (Home/Auto).

To set the mapping, follow these steps:

1. From your main navigation menu, click on "MISCELLANEOUS" --> "Data Imports and Export" --> "Export to InfusionSoft" and view the new "Settings" field. You may have to log into your InfusionSoft account to link it with NowCerts (if you have not done so already).


2. Once you click on the "Policy Mapping" link, you'll be able to map your custom fields in InfusionSoft to the ones in NowCerts



--- Mapping Types ---


There are two types of mapping. The original "by Slots" mapping will map any new policy to the next available (or empty) policy group. So if an insured has one policy, it will fill the policy info into the "Policy Group 1" when exported. When a second policy appears, it will fill the "Policy Group 2", as illustrated below:


The second type of mapping is "by Line of Business." It lets users specify what groups certain LOBs occupy. This is a more common practice of INSFT agency users.

Let's take a look at the "by Line of Business" mapping. In our example, we have chosen affix HOMEOWNERS into "Policy Group 1" and "Personal AUTO" into "Policy Group 2". The actual data fields are taken from the list of your specific Custom Fields. Of course, we recommend that you set up appropriate Custom Fields that can store the data meaningfully (i.e. "Effective Date" ). Take a look at the screenshot below for an example of a reasonable mapping:


You can set up more than one policy group for the same line of business for cases where insureds have more than one policy with the same line of business (i.e. HOMEOWNERS). In this case, the second policy will be exported like this:


A related case considers the insured classification as "Commercial" or "Personal." To accommodate a certain level of flexibility, you may want to set up Commercial Auto and Personal Auto to both be mapped to the same custom fields. The idea is that a certain type of insured will have either a Personal Auto or a Commercial Auto policy, but not both.


For our last set of illustrations, lets look at a real export from NowCerts to InfusionSoft. We have set up the following policy mapping:


Next, we export this insured's 3 policies:


The export creates the following contact in InfusionSoft:

(Note: If the contact already exists, we will update their info.)


--- Policy Import Options ---

There are two options to import policies. The first option is "Available Slots." It will only override policy data in slots with the same policy number. Otherwise, it will look for other available slots. If no other slots are found, then it will not export the new policy data. The second option is "Always Override." It works the exact same way as the "Available Slots" option, but if there aren't any empty slots then it will override the first slot whether the policy number is different or not.


--- Tag Mapping ---

Insured Tags: You can apply tags in InfusionSoft based on some events that appear on the Insured level (currently "Created-Imported" or "Changed-Edited")


For applying tags on the Policy level, you need to select from some of events available per Policy Mapping Group. Events, occasions, or statuses, such as "Created", "Changed", "if New Business", "on Reinstatement", "on Cancellation" and others:


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