As you know, NowCerts has an SMS/texting function. Free texting is available, but it is one-way texting only. Anyone can send a text to their Insureds/Prospects, but they will not be able to receive a response back from them. 

To text, follow these steps:

1. From your main navigation menu, click on "Insureds"

2. Under your "List of Insureds", click on "Details" next to the Insured of your choice

3. Scroll down to the Insured's "Notes" field and click on "Send new SMS"

4. Fill out the fields and then click on "Add Note" to send your SMS. All sent SMS history is found under the Insured's "Notes" field.

With the introduction of a dedicated SMS line, agencies can now receive and record responses. The conversations are logged in the SMS log (top left of the page). The conversations are also recorded as "Notes" in the Insured's "Details" page whenever a match is made to a contact's cell phone number. In case a record is not matched automatically, or there is more than one possible match, the user is able to assign the conversation to the contact of their choice.

Additionally, agencies with a dedicated SMS line can do mass SMS texting. See the following example:


The enhanced SMS function comes with a smart phone (or desktop) application. So, you don't need to be logged into Nowcerts in order to stay in touch with your customers. More importantly, you no longer need to give out your personal cell phone number in order to do so.