The new Google Calendar integration is ready to use. To set up the Google Calendar integration, follow these steps:

1. From the main navigation menu, click on "Calendar"

2. Click on the blue "Synchronize" button/drop-down menu in the top right corner of your screen and select to synchronize with "Google Calendar"


3. You may be redirected to Google's authentication page. Once you obtain an authentication token from Google, you can click on "Synchronize" --> "Google Calendar" again and the system will import events from your Google Calendar(s) for the selected period in your NowCerts Calendar. (For example, if your NowCerts Calendar shows events for the entire month of June, then it'll import your Google Calendar events for the entire month of June.) The same procedure works for exporting events from your NowCerts Calendar. It'll export only the visible events in NowCerts Calendar.

There are settings in the Agency's/Agents' profiles that enable and disable synchronization between NowCerts and Google Calendar:



In the "Outlook/Google Calendar Synchronization Settings" field, there are three settings options:

1. "Outlook/Google Calendar Category" is for the category where the events will be imported.

2. When the "For agency" checkbox is marked, the events will appear as an "Agency Task" and will be visible to all users in the agency. Otherwise (when the checkbox is not marked), the events will be visible to only the current user.

3. When the "Reverse sync" checkbox is marked, you can export events from your NowCerts Calendar to your Outlook/Google Calendar when you click on the blue "Synchronize" button.

Note: Keep in mind that this synchronization currently doesn't run automatically. Users need to click on the blue "Synchronization" button in the "Calendar" page whenever they want their calendars to be synced.