You may be wondering: "What is the difference between 'Link Insureds' and 'Merge Insureds'?"

"Link insureds" if you have two different named insureds and you want to keep both (the entities are different or they represent personal lines and a business entity). With this method, you should technically keep two separate Insured records. You can link insureds so that if a person calls and has a question about his/her business policy, then we can let you view the policies for all linked insureds in the "Policy" section for each... as an easy reference. ("Link insureds" if they are related, but have distinct named insureds on their policies.)

"Merge insureds" if one is a duplicate of the other.

If you "link" two insureds, both of them remain in the system. You just establish a connection between them.

If you "merge" two insureds, one of them is deleted from the system. All of the policies, notes, files, and contacts from one of the insured profiles are combined with the other insured profile you merged into.