You can integrate any PDF form into Nowcerts. We have always allowed users to import PDF forms into Nowcerts and pre-fill them with data from Nowcerts so they can quickly generate and email forms while avoiding redundant data entries (proposals, applications, etc.). However, in addition, you can now perform this process in the opposite direction. 

Now, you can import a PDF form, map its fields to the fields in the Nowcerts database, and then generate an integration widget so you can use the form on your website (or in emails you send out). Once a form is filed and submitted, it will appear in your Nowcerts dashboard and you can commit the data into the database in the form of Prospects and Quote applications.

The mapping tool can be found in your agency's "Profile" under the "Other" tab (located just under your agency menu):

Reverse mapping is very similar to regular mapping. Regular PDF mapping takes data from Nowcerts and "dumps" it into PDF forms. Reverse PDF mapping does the opposite. It takes data from PDF forms and saves it in the Nowcerts database. Once filled, a form can be used to create a new Insured/Prospect. Then, you can save the form in their documents.

So, the practical application is as follows: you can load the form on a website and/or send the link to it to a prospect. After they fill out the form and click "Submit", the data is sent to your Nowcerts account and the system can create a record for the prospect as well as store all data in the database. This includes: basic contact information, vehicles, drivers, other "Insured Items," etc.