You may be asking: "How do I request and obtain loss runs?"

To request and obtain loss runs, follow these steps:

1. From your main navigation menu, click on "Loss Runs." We keep a database of several Carrier/MGA Loss Run department emails and/or fax numbers.

2. To make a new request, click on the blue "Add New" in the middle of the page or the "+Add"  button located just below your agency menu

3. Complete the request form

You have 2 options of where to send your request:

        1. Send it to the prospect for approval

        2. Send it directly to the carrier

Most agents send it directly to the carrier/MGA as they already have approval from the prospect. If you do send the request to the prospect, they will receive an email with a link. Once they click the "approve" link, the request will be forwarded to the carrier/MGA. This process is simple and effective. Please be sure to include the fax number where the loss runs should be sent.

4. Once you have finished filling out the form, click on the blue "Send" button