To connect your VOIP application (like Ring Central, Vonage, etc.) to NowCerts, follow these steps:


1. In your VOIP desktop application (or plug-in), open "Settings"

2. Look for an option that reads similar to: "Launch an external app or URL on incoming call". Make sure that option is "ON".

3. In the "Execute Command" box, paste this:

The "%E" here is formatting based on RingCentral. Your VOIP system may specify different options. NOTE: You may need to replace the "www3" with "www(#)", where "(#)" is the number of your server. Just look up at your NowCerts URL and use that #.

Then you're done!

You have to be logged into NowCerts for this to work. Also, you have to be logged into your default browser (you can change what your default browser is on your computer).

On an incoming call, RingCentral will open another tab in your default browser. If the phone number is in your NowCerts database (Insured, Prospect, MGA, etc.), it will bring up that record. The system will automatically post a note with a time stamp and a message recording of the call.

This is what the RingCentral "Settings" panel looks like: