You may be wondering: "Can I link insureds?"

Yes, you can link insureds. This makes it so that once you enter one's "Policies" page, you can also view the policies of the linked insured(s) as well. So, if Mr. Jones calls you to discuss one of his policies, you can go to his record, click on "Policies," and it will show you his homeowners policy as well as the BOP for his business.

To link insureds, follow these steps:

1. Under the main navigation menu, click on "Insureds"

2. Under "List of Insureds," locate your needed insured and then click on the gray "Details" button next to their name

3. Under the "General" tab, click on "Linked Insureds" 

4. Next to "Linked Insureds," click on "Add new"

5. Fill out the sections and then click on the blue "Save changes" button