"I have a question concerning the security of my account with NowCerts...  Since it sits in the cloud, can any employee of NowCerts see the data in my insured's account? I want to be assured that no one can access this information...."


Unfortunately, that is not possible. Some of the developers and database techs can access anyone's information. There is no way around this. This situation is also true with desktop applications. They can pull your data out at any time.

Additionally, we have several super-user accounts. (I (Kayden) have one, Brittany has one, and a couple of others have one too.) The sole purpose of these accounts is for support reasons.


While it is not practical, or even possible, to have zero access to database records, we take every precaution to ensure that our clients' records remain private and secure. We have clear and specific rules about when anyone (customer support or developer) can access real agency data (essentially, log into the agency). It is done only when a customer has requested help with an issue and we need to look at a record.

Data is backed-up daily as part of our disaster-recovery feature, but besides that, data is not downloaded or exported without a direct request from a customer and approval by me. Any such exports are logged by the database manager and I review them. I also review reports of personnel logging into agency accounts to judge activity and monitor any unusual behavior.


These are some of the measures and processes we have taken and implemented to ensure that our clients' data remains private and secure.