How to Print Labels for Your Insureds

This is the time of year when we get this question a lot: How do I print labels for my insureds?

The easiest way is to go to Reports, click View to search for "Labels". This will bring the Insureds Labels report.

Run the report and export it to Excel by saving as CSV.

Next, you need to use MS Word to format the labels for the type of labels you have (example: Avery 5160)

Here are the instruction on how to do that using the Excel (CSV) file you exported from Nowcerts.

or you can simply Google "How to create labels in Word" and get many good sources including videos.

The report contains emails for your clients so yo c an use it to create a mailing list in MailChimp and send an email campaign.

We recommend, exporting a list into an Excel then creating a mailing list and campaigns in a place like MailChimp ( They track responses and most of your emails will be delivered (as opposed to going to Junk) as they are white-listed with major email providers.


To export a list from Nowcerts, just go to Insureds or Prospects, use the filters to select the records you want and click "Export to Excel". The resulting Excel file will have email addresses. Convert that to ("Save as") CSV and import to Mailchimp. 

We have added integration with Mailchimp, you can now export the list directly to MailChimp (look under  Miscellaneous, Data Import/Export, MailChimp). However, be aware of one main difference.

If you import a mailing list from a CSV file to Mailchimp, it is considered a "manual" mailing list. 

If you use the integration to send a mailing list to Mailchimp, it is flagged as "Machine generated". They are then required to email every single record on that list asking them to confirm that they want to be on that distribution list. So, please chose the option carefully.

Here is a video going over this: