Agency Bill 100% - this billing scenario occurs when as an agency you are billing and running through your trust account your clients' monthly installments. 

1. Navigate to the policy > Billing> Endorsement Fees Taxes > enter premium (commissionable premium) and non-premium (fees/taxes, the un-commissionable portion of the premium) > generate transaction (green tab at the top of your binding/endorsement entry)

2.  Check the accuracy of your commissions.  Gross, monthly earned or net "upfront" doesn't require a commission schedule, however, monthly net does.   Enter your first expected commission, the number of remaining payments > generate:


3.  Creating the Accounts Receivable (AR) to invoice > enter the insured down payment (either $ or % amount) > number of remaining payments > applicable processing fee > check add payables (preparing to retain monthly-net comm.)

 > select ok

4.  Multiple receivable and payable will be created.  If you are charging a processing fee, you will notice a red number totaling the processing fee, go to the top "add item" > miscellaneous agency revenue > enter the processing fee amount > scroll to save > from the pull-down you select > save and create multiple invoices:

5.  Go to documents > issue payment > add each payable > select each corresponding net commission > add.

*Tip: I find that adding the issue payments, for any agency billing scenario, just after I added the invoice(s) helps to put the AP on your radar; helps to track and retain commissions.  Which, in turn, keeps your records and reports accurate.