In view of recent events, we have received an increased number of inquiries about the ability to mass email from Nowcerts. As many of you know already, due to spamming concerns, Nowcerts discontinued this functionality some time ago (except for renewal COIs). We have decided to enable mass emailing again so agencies can disseminate important communications to their clients directly from Nowcerts.

In order to send an email to a group of insureds, follow these steps:


1. This function is strictly available to Admin level users

2. The emails are sent using an agency synchronized email account. The agency needs to have at least one actively synchronized email account in order to do this.


1. On the "Insureds" page, an admin user will notice a new option to "Send Mass E-Mail" located next to the "Export to Excel" icon. Use the "Insureds" page's list filters to select the set of insureds you would like to email (example filters: "Active", Tags, Commercial, Create Date, etc.)

2. Once the sub-set of insureds is selected, click on "Send Mass E-mail." The familiar email page will display:

Type up your message or use the "Select Template" drop-down menu to select an email template. Verify the email's contents and the list of recipients, then click on "Send."


- Nowcerts will send the email via SMTP through your synchronized email account. Your provider may impose limits of such emails (we send one at a time, not mass BCC).

- If your list (of insureds to send mass emails to) is very large, try breaking it up into several smaller lists/batches by using the "Insureds" page's list filters (ex: Create Date, Agent, State, Tags, etc.)

- Once you click on the "Send" button, there is no way for Nowcerts to retract or cancel the emails. So, please be careful and verify your recipient list and email contents before you click "Send."