Popular form softwares:

Gravity Forms (plug-in for Word Press)

Tutorial video on how to set up Gravity forms:

Ninja Forms (plug-in for Word Press)


Tutorial video on how to set up Ninja forms:

Integrating into NowCerts:

Endpoint where they can send some JSONs --> https://api.nowcerts.com/api/QuoteRequestExternalImport 

The form JSON must include the following 2 fields: (Agency ID and FormName)

  • Add the field "AgencyID", and you need to pass this ID value "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz", where this is your Nowcerts ID. We can provide that.
  • Add the field "Form Name" and pass the form name in there. We will use it to store the mapping schema.

Below is an example of what this form will look like when it is sent into NowCerts. This can be found on the Dashboard in the "Quote Applications" panel. Once you map out the fields, it will then be able to attach to the client's account.