This is a question we get from time to time.  There could be a few reasons why this happens.  Let's begin by explaining how we charge for your NowCerts subscription.

Like most business expenses that you pay that are of a fixed price and not metered like electricity, you are billed in advance.  A good example would be your rent/mortgage bill.  This means we charge you in advance for your subscription, typically for the next 30 days and you use the subscription for the next 30 days and then you are billed again.  

The top reason why your NowCerts bill was much more than you expected

For this example, let's say you pay for your base subscription ($79.00) and 2 users ($39.00 x 2)  So your subscription cost would be $157.00 a month.

You decide to add another user (+$39.00) to your account 11 days after your subscription renews. NowCerts will not charge you for this additional user when you add them, but the charge will be prorated for your next bill.  

So let's see what this looks like on "paper."

On June 1, 2022 you are charged, and paid $157.00 for your monthly subscription as per the example above.  You add a 3rd user +($39.00) on June 12, 2022.  You will not be billed for this 3rd user until your next billing date of June 30.  On June 30th, you are billed $215.00  What?!  $215.00?  My bill is only supposed to be $196.00 with the 3rd added user.  Why is this so much more?  

The answer is because the additional user was not paid for when it was added, so it is being charged at the next bill on June 30th.  Check out the calculation below for a visual explanation.

This is how the example above is calculated   

June 30th Bill
Base Monthly Subscription $  79.00
3 Users (2 from the previous + the additional 1 just added)$136.00
Additional User prorated for 18 days$  19.00


Keep in mind that the bill for July 30 will be back to the normal amount of $196.00 (Subscription +3 users)

I hope this helps better explain our billing.  If you have any questions about your bill please contact our billing or give us a call at 1-888-586-4792 ext 2.  Thank you!