Welcome to our Billing FAQ

  • Why did my NowCerts' subscription cost increase/decrease? - There could be various reasons, but the top reason is that a change may have been made to your account and there is a prorated amount that was charged or refunded at your next billing cycle.  Please see this article for a better explanation. 

    Why Did My Billing Change?

  • Why was my discount removed? - NowCerts is small business and we like to support small business. We sometimes do give discounts to new agencies (discounted/free users, IVANS...etc) to help them out in the start of their agency.   Unfortunately, these discounts are not permanent and do expire.  These discounts generally last 6 months to a year and the agency is informed of this at the beginning.  We currently do not have a way to notify the agency of the discount removal.  Please note that NowCerts reserves the right to remove any discount, at any time, and for any reason without notice.