Policy Statuses (and what they mean):

  • Active = currently in force

  • Expired = past expiration date (and NOT renewed or replaced)

  • Cancelled = cancelled (not active, expiration date does not matter)

  • Pending cancel = "Active," but has a cancel date in the future

  • Renewed = past expiration date, but renewed by another term

  • Renewing = "Active," but effective date is in the future (the previous term is still active and is about to get marked as "Renewed" on its expiration date). "Renewing" term will then show as "Active."

  • Reinstated = "Active," but has gone through a cancel/reinstate event

  • Replaced = not active, replaced by another policy (usually a different carrier). This is a manual action to mark a policy replaced by another policy.

  • Non-Renewal = "Active," but "Non-Renewal" is indicated by the carrier (expires at the end of the term).