Hi!  I get this question often.  There are 3 steps that need to happen so creating a master certificate and sending certificates are quick and easy.  The 3 steps are

I. Add insured

II. Add policy w/ coverage limits

III. Add Certificate Master.

*Note:  The data for insureds/policies can come from a) Carrier Download, b) imported .CSV, or c) manual entries.  Then upon renewal, a new Certificate Master will auto-generate with the updated effective dates.

1st Step:  Add insured:

Click the entry click the entry icon (top left "+") > select insured.  This will open an entry screen, complete, and save changes ( bottom left).  Your insured details screen will open upon saving changes.

2nd Step Add policy:

Go to Policy, down in the insured's details page > Select "Add New" to the right of Policy.  What is needed to complete the policy entry: i. policy number ii. effective dates ii. lines of business covered by the policy iii. liability limits (coverages).

*Note: you can always go back into the policy to add the premium/nonpremium at a later date.  It is necessary however to select a billing type and enter the effective date > select the red "x" to delete and scroll to save.

3rd Step:  Create Certificate Master.

Go to Documents (top navigational menu) > Certificate(master) > add new (blue tab to the right of Certificate (mid-page down)

  • select your desired Acord certificate or evidence of insurance
  • there is a field to enter the name of your master ie.COI 2020-21 Term, PROP 123 Main St. Cert...*this is not required but, is especially helpful if your insured has multiple certificate masters.  **Please see the following screenshot.
  • select the desired policies, this will populate the coverages

Now you can send a certificate from your insured in a list of insured > actions > send certificate OR in your insured details screen > send certificate (top right) > select your holder/add new holder, send and done!

Let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you!  Kristina