There are 2 prerequisites for "Generate Agents Commissions" to work.  1st the agent needs to be assigned to the policies, and 2nd agents need a commission rule.  The purpose is to generate agent's commissions for policies that agency commissions are reconciled, but afterward, the agents i. were assigned to policies, or ii. agent commission rules added or changed 

Please follow these steps:

  1. go to Misc. > Accounting Items > Reconciliations > Actions > Manually select Agency Commissions
  2. enter in the commission Received dates
  3. In Reconciliations Type select "Show Reconciled Commission Payments"
  4. Select any sort filter as applicable > Search.
  5. check all the policies in the generated list to be sure that policies
  6. Go to Actions (top right) > Generate Agent Commissions
  7. Lastly, is to either a) reconcile agent commissions or if there is an incomplete agent statement then b) select the applicable agent commissions to export to an existing statement > select the statement
I hope this helps!  Contact us with any questions.