eDocs are a form of download from the carrier. There are two types of eDocs. the first one is actual eDoc dec pages. The second is eNotes which includes underwriting notes and billing alerts. that can be pushed directly to the agency management system.  These are brought into NowCerts as Ivans XML files and have to be merged as they come in.

Once you request eDocs from the carriers that have this feature and also have your Ivans connected to your NowCerts account you will be able to find this data one of two ways. 

1. On your navigation menu on the left hand side click on Rater Imports.

2.Navigate to Carrier Downloads and change the XML Type to Acord XML.

To merge these session click on view and merge changes. From this page you will be able to check each item or check them all at once to confirm the changes and then click merge selected items in the top right.

Once you have merged your eDoc sessions you will be able to find them in the following places.

Within the notes of client when you select downloads within the note types.

Within the clients files located in the folder eDocs.