Nowcerts agents can now submit Home and Auto Quote Applications to PL Rater.

To do this, simply select the PL Rater option from the Process Data drop down menu on any Home or Auto application.

Upon submission, you will see the message below: 

PL Rater does not authenticate initially. They hold the quote in a no-man's land and once you claim it by authenticating, it will be saved in your account.

At this time we do not have the ability to bridge quotes back from PL Rater into Nowcerts. We are working with PL Rater to see if we can enable that option.

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To submit a quote app to PL Rater, you need our Home or Auto application found under Applications. 

You can create such an application in just a few seconds.

You can start with an existing policy to a new one manually.

In either case, most of the data will be prefilled from Insured Items.

You can save vehicles/drivers and property data into Insured Items from your custom website application by mapping the Form JSON fields.

Lastly, we have a case where we can convert a custom JSON form (eg Gravity form) into a Rater ready application, but I believe this currently only works for Quote Rush. The reason is that QuoteRush takes a JSON. in all other cases, the raters expect an Acord XML.