With NowCerts' integration with OneDrive, you can conveniently integrate your OneDrive/Sharepoint storage within the NowCerts file system. The integration is as simple as right-clicking the OneDrive folder within NowCerts' files area. After right-clicking the OneDrive folder, you will see the options to, Assign root folder, Reset the root folder, or Login to OneDrive.

  • Login OneDrive: This will allow you to login to OneDrive.

  • Assign root folder for OneDriveUsing this function, you can map a OneDrive folder to the files folder for the insured/prospect. 

  • Reset root folder for OneDrive: If you select the wrong folder or want to change the root folder for this specific client This option will allow you to .

As soon as you are signed in and have assigned a root folder to this client, selecting OneDrive will take you to the designated OneDrive folder.