Our latest release for Momentum contains some new features and enhancements. Below is a list of changes made today:

Menus that have been moved to Momentum.

- Reps menu: The Reps menu within a contact.
- IVANS Session Logs - Main List.
- IVANS Custom AL3 Files - Main List.

- Useful Links-Mail list and edit page.

Additional Enhancements:

-Master agency move Insured: The ability to move Insureds between sub-agencies. This feature is only for master agencies.

-Interactive Revenue Reports: Display total received in the show totals menu.

-Issue payments within Carrier/MGA menu: Added column Insured.

- Issue Payments - Improved Query to show previously hidden invoices and payments.

-Agents Menu: Added the new search filter has access.

-Personal Auto Coverage within Policy Info Center: The Coverages tab now properly displays personal auto coverages.

-Add Vehicle Service Request: The option of creating an insured's vehicle has been added.

-Additional Interests Menu: Added a column to display email of additional interests.

Policy/Quote List Menu: Added a column to display full term premium.

Insured/Prospect list: Added additional columns for Insured ID and Customer ID.

-Service Requests List Menu: Added a column for identifiers. This will display the service requests ID.

- Renewal Center: Added two new columns to display the Insureds Email and Insureds Phone Number.

Vehicles menu: Added the column description that will display the vehicles description.