New Feature

On-page editing: Allows you to quickly edit an item without leaving the items menu. We have added this feature to these specific item menus. 

Vehicles list

Drivers list

Equipment list.

Additional Improvements

Interactive Reports: Automobile Limits (Public Preview). 

Vehicles List: Added the new optional column Do Not Show PD and Ded. 

Drivers List: Added a new optional column and search filter for DL Status.

Drivers List Batch Action: Added Change License Status.

Equipment List: Added new optional columns Description and Capacity.

Insureds/Prospects List: Added two new items to the Actions shortcut menu. One is to change the description, while the other is to add a new pending cancellation. 

Policy/Quotes List: Added the ability to add pending cancellations using the actions shortcut menu. Referral sources Policy Area: allows the display of an insured column if it is selected. 

Automate 365: Initial improvements to the Welcome Page for active users. 

We made a small change to the sorting of the sessions. The sessions are now sorted by "Transaction Request date. Previously they were sorted by Received date.

This tended to create problems when users uploaded files weekly (or not daily).. sessions were processed out of order and that created problems for the endorsements.

In most cases this is not an issue, but occasionally it is and this new sort helps prevent users from processing endorsements out of order.

Please be sure to process downloads starting from the bottom and working your way up the list.