Today we have a release with some new features and additions for Momentum. Here is the list of changes included today.

-In-place edit option added to:

Finance Company details page
Other contacts details page:
-On-page edit option added to the follow Insured items:
Workers compensation

Life Insurance


-Mass Action tool for send certificates Improvements:

Added download/send options: Allows you to include the description of operations or Acord 101 when sending/downloading the certificate.

Added search filter and column for Master Certificate: You can select a specific master certificate.
Mass action within Send certificates: Batch Change Visible and also normal change visible grid action.

Mass action within Send certificates: Added new columns and filters.


-Additional Enhancements:

Interactive Reports: Retention Ratio by Parent Carrier added for public preview.

Opportunity List: Ability to search by intervals for Commission and Cost.

Properties: Added batch action Change Property Use.

Policy List after Agency Overview redirect: Added all available policy Batch Actions.

Renewal Center - Added new search filters for Premium and Renewal Premium.

Referral Source Main List: Added new columns website, identifier, email, and category.

Agent Details Subline: Added NPN Number and License Expiration Date.