Here is a list of all the improvements and enhancements included in todays update to Momentum!

-In-place edit option added to:
Carrier Details Page
MGA Details Page
-On-page edit option added to:
Health Plan Members


-Additional Enhancements
Interactive Reports: Renewal Averages by carrier added for public preview.
Interactive Reports: Contacts/Reps category now has fields for unknown and Totals at the bottom of the report.

Activity Reminders: Updated list menu to use Momentum.

Referral Sources: Added the Bulk Action Change Category.
Additional Interests: Added new actions menu option Copy.
Certificates Sent: Added search filter Master Certificate.

Opportunities List: Added optional column and search filter for Referral Source.
Renewal Center - Added search filter for Policy Status.
Prospects Details: Added a new section to display Custom X-date information on the Prospects details page.

- Automate 365 Improvements
Added two new fields Policy Renewal Quote & Renewal Policy Associated.