To unlock the QB lock on an endorsement:

  1. Go to MISCELLANEOUS (left menu) > Accounting Items > QB Sync - Endorsement items
  2. Use the search  filters "QuickBooks (Exported)" and/or "QuickBooks Sync Date (from - to)" filters to locate the locked endorsement 
  3. check the box to the left of any endorsement you want to unlock  
  4. go to the "Export to QuickBooks (NEW)" > Clear QuickBooks Mappings - Only Selected
  5. REMEMBER:  you just cleared the mapping to QuickBooks so, if you are exporting the endorsement again, you will need to also delete it in QuickBooks if you will be exporting the endorsement again.
  6. To make changes to the endorsement within the policy in NowCerts go to the endorsement and you will see that it can be edited

Please note: if you have already completed the billing, the invoicing, and exported the data to QuickBooks, you could just add an "endorsement" for the difference to correct the numbers.  An endorsement in this sense doesn't necessarily mean that the actual policy was endorsed, but that an endorsement was added to the policy within NowCerts as a tool to adjust the policy numbers.  The correction can then be exported to QuickBooks an your book, the numbers, will match.

Please see the following video: