Currently Nowcerts integrates with TurboRater and SEMCAT. We are adding other comparative raters (like Quote Rush and FSC). Here is how to prepare a quote application and submit for quoting through your comparative rater.

Step 1 - From the Prospect/Lead details page, select tab Quotes/Opportunities --> Quotes -->Applicaitons

Step 2 - Add New application and fill it out. (NOTE: you can prepare an Auto application form an existing policy to save time... when quoting a renewal. Select option at bottom of drop down)

Step 3 - Once the application is complete and saved, select Process Data and the way you want to send the application. (obviously, you need an account with a rater). Chose "Export to XML" to produce a file that can be imported to other raters.


When you log into your rater, you should see the new quote application ready to be submitted to carriers.