Once in a blue moon an internet provider will have DNS server issues. This may cause you to not get the correct IP address for your server and ultimately not be able to log into your Nowcerts account.

Here are a few steps that should be able to resolve the problem. 

Step One:  Reset your DNS lookup server 

- Go to Control panel 

- choose Network and Internet

- click on "View Network and Sharing Center"

- from the left click on "Change Adapter Settings"

- Right click on your (WiFi) network and select Properties

- Click on "Internet protocol version 4" and select Properties.

- in the bottom section, click on "Use the following DNS server address"

type and

click OK

Step 2: Disconnect form your Network and Reconnect again

-This is important!

Step 3 Next- Flash the DNS

- open command prompt (old DOS window)

- type "ipconfig /flushdns", enter

type "nslookup www8.nowcerts.com", enter

The DNS Servers should show

and the URL should show []

We hope this resolved the issue.

here is a similar article in Google:


Also, it may be necessary to change the DNS settings in your Router (as it is hard-coded to your ISP's DNS server)

It is pretty simple and here is how: